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Vining, or West Clifton, was laid out in the fall of 1877 by Amanda and Winslow Haynes, and Oliver Cooper.


Amanda Haynes was the widow of John G. Haynes, who was the proprietor of the third Clifton town site. She laid out West Clifton in 48 blocks of both sides of the Clay-Washington county line.


West Clifton was the result of a disagreement between the railroad companies as to the location of a depot. Consequently, the Jefferson City and Fort Kearney Railroad (Union Pacific) branched off and started a town of their own with the assistance of Haynes and Cooper. West Clifton’s name was changed to Vining in 1881, in honor of E. P. Vining, Union Pacific General Freight Agent.


In the spring of 1879, P. H. Stepps opened a hardware store in Vining. The grain elevator was opened the same year, along with a hotel and several other businesses. Vining was incorporated in 1885.


The city of Vining does not require business permits or licenses and we have no  special codes or zoning.  The gas provider is Kansas Gas and the electricity is Prairie Land Electric.

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