Longford sits among the rolling hills of southwest Clay County. Established in 1875 along a Santa Fe railroad spur to the cowtown of Abilene, Kansas, it has been a vital part of history ever since.


It now boasts the purest water in Kansas ( Kiowata Longford Water Company - a real treat for anyone), a talented local artist, and some of the best food served at the regionally known Coachlight Restaurant.


So if you’re planning an outing or looking for a great place to live, make sure Longford is on your itinerary.


On a warm night every September, you can still find cowboys “working the cattle” in Longford, Kansas. On Labor Day weekend every year, Longford becomes home to the PRCA-sanctioned Longford Rodeo. The first community-sponsored rodeo was held in 1955 and continues to this day. It’s packed with all the thrills and excitement of cattle drives and “cowboy” recreation of the 1800s. The rodeo is sponsored by the Longford Rodeo Club, The Longford Lions Club and the Longford community.

You can see more at Longford, Kansas or Longford PRCA Rodeo.



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