Yes, people still live here and they are proud of it!

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Established in 1887, Idana was named for 2 sisters, Ida Howland and Anna Broughton.  When established, many towns were cropping up along railroad lines, or rivers. Idana sat on the LK&W Railroad (Leavenworth, Kansas & Western). Local residents knew the town as "Pochunk".


Main Street today is County Road 832.  Idana Presbyterian Church, still the center of much activity in town, was built in 1890.


Idana contains vacant buildings that speak of a very busy downtown life from decades past.


The area is in the Five Creeks Township, also home to what has been called "Diptheria Hill" by locals. The proper name is Table Mound which is also the name of the cemetery that sits on that hill south of Idana. Local lore contains stories of victims of Diptheria being buried at Table Mound Cemetery. We did research at Clay County Museum, in the Clay Center newspaper of the day, and saw a number of deaths from the disease. Stories of ghosts and hauntings are just that...stories. "Diptheria Hill" lost much of its mystery after a fire destroyed many of the trees on the hill.  The cemetery is now fenced to keep cattle from disturbing what is left of the grave markers.

Buffalo Bill was here

Historical records show that William F. Cody once hunted the hills of Clay County. Specifically noted was Table Mound.

We also have record of his visit to Clay Center with the Sells-Floto Circus, where he paraded show the procession on 5th Street, on the West side of the Courthouse Square. Buffalo Bill's Wild West shows were popular throughout the world.

Travel the roads and hills around Idana, Kansas and Table Mound and you will get a great sense of the terrain

Buffalo Bill traversed.


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